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Bathtub Replacement with authentic fiberglass Kohler
Bathtub Replacement with authentic fiberglass Kohler

As a bathroom and remodeling contractor out of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa. Madison's Plumbing is geared to saving you money and your precious time. Bathroom renovations are our specialty. Bathtub and shower replacement and installation is standard for this remodeling contractor.

Tiling contractors that have a plumbing license is a great mix when dealing with bathroom remodels. All plumbing is handled in-house which in turn lowers the overall cost for you. The room design can turn an old turn bathroom into a modern beauty. We can repair, resurface or replace cast iron porcelain or fiberglass bathtubs!

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What are some things you need to know so you aren't doing them twice? On this page is a list of things to consider when preparing for your renovation. As always email if you have any questions.

Example Bathroom Remodel project:

First things we are going to want to know are:

  • What is the estimated budget for the bathroom remodel?  
    • This will set the limitations on what can be done, mainly only moving the fixtures to different areas and expansion into other areas of the home.
  • Types of finishes for:
    • flooring
    • walls
    • ceiling
    • grab bars and towel bars
    • type of bathtub/shower unit
    • lighting/outlets
    • sound barrier/insulation

With those questions at hand we can now go through the process

after bath remodel
bath remodel before
  • Flooring
    • Tile
    • linoleum
  • Walls
    • Drywall/texture/prime/paint
    • Tile
    • Standard porcelain
      • 12 by 12
      • 6 by 6
    • Glass
      • Subway style 2 by 6 (rectangular)
    • Marble
    • Stone
    • Slate
  • Ceiling
    • Standard is drywall/texture/prime/paint
  • Grab Bars
    • Grab bars in the bathroom serve a few purposes
      • Towel hangers
      • Safety

Towel bars will require some type of blocking to support the weight of some types of towels. Grab bars are supporting some ones weight. The shock of someone grabbing a Safety Bar is multiple times their body weight. If these are just put into the wall without any blocking they can and will easily rip right out of the wall.


Planning the blocking in your bathroom is done prior to the room being sealed up. Towel bars and Grab bars are planned out where they will go. They are usually placed in reference to the location of the "new" towel hangers and safety bars. A map, sketch or drawing is usually made to determine the location of the blocking after the bathroom remodel is almost complete. It is the "finish" of the job. The things you see as you enter the room.

Types of bathtubs and shower units

tile shower
Finished shower
  • Bathtubs
    • Baked enamel
      • The toughest and also the cheapest product by far
    • Cast iron porcelain
      • 2nd toughest product. A good hard hit will crack these units.
    • fiberglass
      • Good all around composite type material
    • acrylic
      • Vacuum molded to fiberglass is also a great product

Lighting and outlet location

Lighting has a full range of where they can be placed. Night lighting along the floor. Lit up light switches. Lighting on the sides of the mirrors. Lighting hanging from the ceiling on bars and chains. Light bars with Globe type light bulbs all the way to the lights that come with the mirrors.

Sound proofing on walls that face occupied rooms will deaden noise and get rid of the "hollow effect".

Vanities, counter tops and sinks for your bathroom project also bring on a wide variety of choices.

  • Sinks
    • One piece cultured marble
    • Porcelain
    • Glass Vessels
    • Stainless steel
  • Counter tops
    • Quartz
    • Formica
    • marble
  • Vanities
    • Solid wood
    • Glass
    • Wall hangers
    • Pedestal style

There's more that is involved such as locations of fixtures. Fixtures will be one of the largest expenses due to the fact that you are missing the lowest element which is drainage. If you are wanting this new bathroom in the basement it will require removing the concrete and running new drainage lines. Most drainage lines will need to have a vent line routed up through the main floor to above any fixtures to properly vent the new water closet(toilet), Lavatory(sink), and bathing unit.

Bathroom remodeling planning stages

When planning to do a bathroom remodel it is going to be best likely to have the fixtures put as close to the main stack for the most cost effective remodel. Madison's Property Management is well aware of what is required and will take all steps necessary to plan and construct your new bathroom today.

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